Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your credentials via email once you've been registered on NATC LMS.
Your maximum duration for each activity will be 2 hours, You have to spend 1 hour (Minimum duration) on each activity.
  • - You Can Reset Your Password By Clicking The Link ( Forgot Password? ) Below Login Button In Login Page
  • - Enter Your Email Id And Click Get New Password
  • - Password Reset Link Will Be Sent To Your Email Id
  • - Go To Your Email Id And Click The Link And Enter Your New Password
  • - Your Password Will Be Updated
  • - Enter Login Credentials
  • - Click Activity
  • - Be Aware And Check Current Day Activity
  • - Click Start Activity
  • - Wait For 1 Hour Before Answering
  • - Keep Your Screen Active So That The Time Will Be Calculated
  • - After 1 Hour Type Your Answers And Click Submit
  • - Your Time Is Calculated Based On The Time You Spend On The Activity
  • - You Need To Submit The Activity After Typing Your Answer As Well As Your Time Reaches 1 Hour
  • - Your Time Will Be Calculated When The Page Is Active
  • - Your Device Screen Should Be On And Should Be On The Activity Page In Order To Calculate Your Time
Yes, In Sidebar Click Activity Log There You Can Find All The Activities And The Time You Spend
In Sidebar Click Activity And Click The Answers Of The Activity You Want To See
Yes, But The Time Will Be Calculated Only When You’re In The Activity Page
If You Leave Your Phone Idle For 2 Hours, You Will Be Logged Out Automatically
  • - Check The Activity Title Before You Start The Days Are Mentioned There
  • - Activity Varies Based On The Course
  • - Minimum Duration Is The Time You Have To Spend On E- Learning
  • - Maximum Duration Is The Total Time You Will Be Able To Spend

Revised on 29/02/2020