To Say Thank you to Mr Eddy

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    FOO LEE FANG 3 months ago

    Module Name : Customer loyalty & Retention Strategy Formulation level 4

    On 13,14,20 June 2020

    Trainer : Mr Eddy & Mohamed Noor Bin Hassan

    Mr Eddy has shared training materials, videos and had given us assignments to complete so we are clear on the things he goes through. He has also contributed with well organized and good case studies. At first we feared the extra homework - Planning a Loyalty Program-Vid which had to be done and presented. However, from there, we got a good grasp of the module and understood what it takes to become a real professional Business development manager & manageress.He was extremely professional and pleasant to learn from. 
    Thanks Eddy for making the 3 days of training easy to understand. A lot of information was covered. He made the approach easy to follow.

    Hope me and my classmates can have more opportunities to learn from him again in the near future, cheers!

    Jerline Foo

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